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Startup Express is a one stop destination for tools, training, resources and support for young people that want to learn how to design and build an online business

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Showing young people the fast track to digital business creation

Startup Express is a collaborative project between Startup Apprentice and the Gold Coast Innovation Hub to support young entrepreneurs that want to create their own digital business. We have compiled the biggest and best list of startup resources, tools and courses for young people that want to create their own job and income.

We are experts at helping
14-25 year olds to launch startups

For the past 10 years we have been working with young people to turn their ideas into reality. We know which workbooks, videos and tools are most appealing and effective for young minds and they are all right here!

We love seeing new
ideas brought to life

We have seen THOUSANDS of young people learn skills and accomplish goals they never dreamed they could, through the process of business creation. We want to equip parents, teachers and young people with the right information so that they can do as we do!

The only real way to learn entrepreneurship is to experience it

Every business journey is different, it is dictated by customers, their needs and requirements. The answers to your business questions are never on a blackboard or in a book. This site provides everything that is needed to explore and self learn.


Digital businesses can
be run from anywhere

As we start 2021, so much of the world continues to be locked down in their homes due to the coronavirus. Those working in bricks and mortar businesses lost their livelihoods – but those working online continued to trade. We want to equip young people with the knowledge to take a business online.

We’ve complied a list of all the best, free startup tools and resources for youth

“Start where you are,
use what you have,
do what you can.”